"Join Me . . .And Experience Results in Your Business Over The Next 6 Months...
That You Couldn't Accomplish in a Lifetime With Your Own Efforts!"

  • From: Stephanie Hines
    Business & Marketing Coach

Stephanie Hines

Over the next 6 months, we will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve success and the greatness you've always had inside you!

Here's how the Mastermind Group Program works:

This is a 6 month commitment, that is guaranteed to get you where you need to go. By the time you're done, you'll have experienced results and changes in your life and business than ever before!

"Coaching On Steroids"

This Mastermind Group Program is for...

Any  Entreprenuer, Expert, or Leader Who is Ready to:

  Take on anything your life or business throws at you with ease
      and grace.

  Implement proven business models, tools, and systems to get
     the most out of your business (and improve the quality of your

  Meet monthly  with a powerful support system of successful
     entreprenuers, focused on you and your business, making it a

  Have the structure, systems and support to propel your
      business through 2017!

   Have a supportive team of Mastermind Partners (your own
      Board of Directors)


   Emotionally, financially and spiritually commit to reach or
      exceed your goals.

   Let your desire to be passionate  about your business
      overcome the fear of change.


What You Can Expect...

A group of powerful entrepreneurs working together toward individual (and collective) goals, dreams and desires.

When you mastermind you hold a vision for someone else and they do the same for you:  you use the combined energy to attract and create success, achievement, inspiration!



Here's exactly what you'll get in the
Mastermind Group Program

How the Mastermind Group  Works...

Mastermind Monthly Program Fee Only:  $297
(a month for 6 months of masterminding!)

Monthly In Person Mastermind Meetings   
Weekly Check in Coaching Calls
                     Private Online Community (for even more support!)
* We are accepting applications now for our mastermind group program.  

* This group has a maximum of 8 members
(I hope you are one of them, so get your application in!).

 This is your time to make the impact you are meant to make in your business!

Make the ultimate investment in your business & your life:

 Join the Mastermind Group Program for only $ 297 to experience radical results and changes in your  business!

Let's Build the Business and Life of Your Dreams, Together!
                           ~ Stephanie